Luke Combs continues to give the people what they want, sharing a clip of a new unreleased song, "Better Together."

The breakthrough star celebrated the Fourth of July by posting a rough take of song he's workshopping titled "Better Together." In a 45 second clip posted on YouTube, Combs put the focus on the lyrics, filming the notebook where he's writing the track by hand. Fans don't see his face, only hearing his voice as he sings the words that speak to elements that go hand in hand, like a cup of coffee and a sunrise and two people who love each other.

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"Some things just go better together and probably always will / A cup of coffee and a sunrise / Sunday drives and time to kill / What's the point of this ol guitar / If it ain't got no strings / Or pourin' your heart into a song / That you ain't gonna sing / It's a match made up in heaven / Like good ol boys and beer / And me as long as you're right here," Combs sings with his iconic rugged voice over a soft acoustic guitar.

The star's loyal fanbase is already loving the track, even in its incomplete form, with one commenting, "great beginnings of a song. Hurry up and finish it and let us hear it!!" Others write, "100% think you should release the whole song. it sounds perfect" and "I think I just found one of my new favorites."

The "Better Together" sample follows in the footsteps of the CMA New Artist of the Year winner's latest five-song collection of new songs from his EP, The PrequelAt the fan club party celebrating its release in June 2019, Combs hinted that more new music is on the way. Seems he was telling the truth.

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