Maddie & Tae aren't going to start clamming up now. The "Friends Don't" singers recently sat down with Radio Disney Country to talk music and life, and in this exclusive Taste of Country premiere you'll learn what they have in mind for their second studio album.

"The more raw and honest your are with the good, bad and ugly, people connect to that," Maddie Marlow says. "And so that's kind of what we want to always do is be really relatable."

Songs like "Sierra," "Girl in a Country Song" and "After the Storm Goes Through" definitely did that on Maddie & Tae's debut album Start Here (2015). They weren't even 20 years old at that time, so of course they're going to be writing and singing about different things now.

"When we made our first record it was a lot of experiences like moving away from home and being in high school and a lot of our younger years. Now we're in our 20s and we feel like we're in those very pivotal young woman years."

There's love and love lost. "Trying on Rings" is the name of a song that looks to relate to getting engaged, something Marlow is more than happy to talk about. In this video she shows off the rock, and Tae Dye seems to be just as excited! Marlow and Jonah Font got engaged in the spring.

"Friends Don't" is the first single from the still untitled album from the duo. It's a "what are we?" kind of love song on a project that promises to fully explore relationships.

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