Michael Ray is getting ready for the summer by offering fans his timely new song, "Summer Water."

The latest release from Ray's upcoming album Amos, the mellow tune has the singer reminiscing about the comforting memories created by the water during those fun-filled summer months. The track leans more toward melodic traditional country; while its lyrics will have you longing for a lakeside view, as Ray chronicles all the memorable moments that take place waterside.

"There was magic in the summer water / Learned to swim in the summer water / All the small town sons and daughters / Were baptized a thousand times," Ray sings, letting the twang in his voice shine through.

"Summer Water" is one of several new tracks Ray has shared prior to the release of Amos on June 1 along with the Top 20 single "Get to You"; as well as "Fan Girl," "Her World or Mine" and "One That Got Away." He describes Amos as his most personal album thus far: The title is in honor of his grandfather Amos Roach, who passed away in 2015. The singer kept his grandfather's memory at the forefront while making the project.

"When we started making this record, before I would record vocals on the song I would ask myself, ‘Is this a song I would have played proudly for him?'" he explained. "It makes this album that much more special to think he would have said, ‘Ray, that’s a good one."

Amos is available for pre-order now.

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