In Lindale, Texas, there's a sign with Miranda Lambert's face on it welcoming folks to town. But recently, the sign was vandalized, giving Lambert an unwelcome new look.

Apparently, someone up to no good felt the Welcome to Lindale billboard needed a remodel, adding a white mustache to the superstar's face. Lambert's father, an ex-police officer, is speaking out on the incident -- and he's not pleased.

“My wife and I just shook our heads and thought some ignorant fool that doesn’t have enough to do, out destroying property that cost the Rotary Club of Lindale," Richard Lee Lambert tells local station KLTV. "They collected the money to do that and we regret that somebody is stupid enough to go out and destroy city property like that."

The family got word of the vandalism via a text message, but they weren't too shocked that it happened. Says Lambert, "There are haters in the world that do things for their own stupid reasons, so we’re not really that disturbed about it. We’re certainly not surprised."

The company who created the sign, Sign Masters in Tyler, Texas, will clean up the damage. Pieter Cilliers, a rep for the company, says they're giving it a new face now -- one without a mustache.

"We’re just basically going to print a vinyl decal off the old file and just re-do the image and stick it on there," Cilliers explains.

If for some reason the fix doesn't work, they'll have to make a brand new sign. Lambert's father recognizes this as a waste of money and hopes the vandalism stops.

"Lindale's trying to be proud of a local girl done good and then somebody wants to destroy that," the star's father says. "If it’s jealousy or if it’s drunkenness, whatever, it’s idiocy either way."

As of now, no arrests have been made.

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