Washington is a wonderful place to raise a family, start anew or even retire. However, there are a good amount of places in Washington not worth living in. A new study came out to show the five most dangerous cities in Washington and the list may shock you.

If you live in any of these cities you may have a different input, which we would love to hear about. You can always contact us thru the app or on this site.

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5.) Tukwila

A city relatively close to Renton and Kent is considered to be a more dangerous area to live in than others. The reasoning behind it is tracking thru police blotters and documented crime. Granted it is home to Ikea which would make anyone turn to violence after getting lost in the store.

4.) Tacoma

Tacoma has gotten a pretty bad rep over the years, tho it doesn't come off as dangerous as it seems parts of Tacoma are so bad that others refuse to even be near the city. What was once an industrial booming city is now known as a hot spot for crime and gang violence causing many to move and more look for a way out.

3.) Kent

Go figure Kent is in the top 3, known for trying to constantly rebuild their city into a safer place the areas always return to low police activity and high gang violence. Sadly the police are blamed for a good amount of the issues but are spread thin due to the high crime rate all over the city.

2.) Seattle

Surprisingly enough this wasn't number 1 on the list, the homeless issue and high crime rate, gang violence, sadly the list goes on to why this is a dangerous city and not one you want to get lost in at night. As hope shined thru in some areas it quickly turned again due to the pandemic and police funding being cut. Now the city makes do with what it has and struggles to keep its streets safe.

1.) Spokane

Otherwise known as Spocompton to Washingtonians around the state, Spokane has one of the worst drug epidemics around the state. Being larger in size and some of the slummier areas are more prominent, while only having a quarter of the Seattle population it still struggles with homelessness at what seems to be the same rate as Seattle without anywhere of the amount of funding and resources.

What do you think, was this list a little too harsh, or was it pretty accurate? Send us a message and let us know what you think!

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