Some screenings of Titanic apparently need to come with lifeboats.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the film Titanic, the iconic blockbuster returned to select movie theaters worldwide in February.

When TikTok user @gablcampos went to see the film, he likely wasn't expecting an experience so realistic that it came with its very own mid-movie flood, complete with flooding theater hallways and a waterfall coming down from the ceiling, splashing moviegoers in the process.

"I went to watch Titanic at the cinema, but it was more realistic than I imagined," @gablecampos wrote in text over the video, which shows his theater flooding while the film's iconic theme music plays in the background.

"I felt like one of the violinists in the film," he added.

"Cinema technology is evolving more and more," he sarcastically captioned the TikTok.

Watch the ironic moment, below.

The viral video has been viewed over 4.5 million times as of publishing, and has earned over 19,000 comments.

Some viewers made light of the situation with puns and jokes.

One user quipped it must have been an "immersive experience," while another joked, "As slow as I am, I would [have thought] it was a [special] effect."

"[An] experience you will never forget, impressed that the cinema is giving such a surreal experience to customers," someone wrote.

"When the film leaves the screen and interacts with the audience... fantastic!" another added.

This marks the third time the beloved film has been in theaters, following its original run in 1997-1998 and its 2012 3D re-release.

Maybe theaters screening the film should give out life vests this time around.

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