Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines is facing more court battles in her ongoing divorce with her estranged husband, actor Adrian Pasdar. Pasdar says the singer owes him $450,000 in attorney's fees and back child support, and he's demanding that she pay up.

According to court documents the Blast obtained, Pasdar is accusing Maines of refusing to pay $150,000 dollars in attorney's fees that the court ordered her to pay in June. The court previously ordered Maines to pay $200,000 in other attorney's fees in their divorce in April.

Pasdar, whose career has included starring roles on Profit and Heroes, as well as extensive work in film and voiceovers, is also seeking $301,783 in retroactive child support for a total of $451,783 he says she should have to pay.

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According to Pasdar's filing, he has fallen “heavily into debt trying to maintain anywhere close to the marital standard of living" for himself and the couple's kids since he and Maines separated in 2017. He alleges Maines is claiming an income in the negative "despite the fact that in 2018 she received a $500,000 advance for a new album that she has recently publicly announced is 'coming soon.'" He believes that references a new Dixie Chicks project, which the trio have been teasing online.

His filing also claims that Maines made $6 million when the Chicks last toured in 2016, and also stands to earn millions from a solo tour slated for this year.

Maines' financial disclosure lists $4,476,258 in actual personal property, $121,205 in stocks and bonds and $1,943,452 in cash and checking accounts, totaling $6,540,915. She claimed a loss of $136,000 in 2018 on her company, Bossytoe Tours, Inc.

Pasdar's previous filings portrayed him as a working actor who averages $150,000 in income each year, and he claimed he amassed more than $200,000 in debt to support himself and the couples' two teenage sons since he and Maines separated. The 54-year-old says he rejected "countless employment opportunities" during the marriage so he could serve as primary caregiver to the kids while Maines pursued her music career, which was the family's primary income.

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