Because of a lack of police officers the Yakima Police Department no longer has a traffic unit and shortages are causing problems throughout the department.

Two new crime analysts are now looking at crime stats in Yakima

But new crime analysts could help improve response to local crime with a limited amount of officers. The city has hired two new crime analysts to help officers direct enforcement to specific areas were constant problems persist.  The analysts are now receiving specific training in Yakima working with the FBI. The department has been without a crime analyst for years. With officer shortages happening in departments throughout the state an analyst can help direct limited resources to problem areas. The data driven policing is needed in Yakima because of the officer shortage and the need to be more efficient with resources.

Police are hoping for major changes in the new year

Capt. Jay Seely says they hope there's a big change coming in 2022 when they hope to hire more officers. The officers could help revive a canceled traffic unit and take more pressure off of officers assigned to patrol.
Seely says the lack of a traffic unit means drivers need to drive offensively looking for people who speed and run red lights.

Seely says they hope to restart the traffic unit in 2022.

Seely says "our hope is we get enough new hires in 2022 that we can stand our traffic unit back up and get our motors out and about working traffic enforcement and education once again."
Motors are motorcycle officers who haven't been working traffic because the unit was disbanded earlier this year.

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