It's been a tough week or so concerning continued gang violence in Yakima and it's got all of us restless and a bit scared on the location of the Yakima gangs. There is a new Google Map that lays out the areas of some of the current Yakima gangs locations.

I know violence can strike anywhere but there are areas of Yakima that might be left avoided if you don't need to go that way.

There is a new Google map online that does it's best to lay out the areas of Yakima's two most prominent gangs - The Surenos and The Nortenos.

There are other areas but you can see both gangs are concentrated to certain areas. The Surenos tend to favor Northwest Yakima and The Norteno's favor East Yakima.

Check out the Google Map here ---------> Yakima's Gang Areas

It's sad that a map like this exists but it's smart to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings especially your clothing colors when traveling through these areas late at night.

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