It's the new brag - I am Corona FREE! Let's date!

People are now including their coronavirus test results in their online dating profiles to help them improve their chances as they are safe to date. 

Short of peacocking (the practice of doing outrageous things to get noticed), this is the next best thing to attracting a mate in a Post Covid world.

New York Singles Socialize During Speed Dating Sessions
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“About a week and a half ago, my clients started asking questions like, ‘Maureen, this person that you matched me with, do you think they’ve had the coronavirus?’ ” says Maureen Tara Nelson, a matchmaker who plans to ask new clients about their COVID status going forward. “We’re asking people if they’re comfortable sharing if they’ve had it, and if they’d like to to know if the person they’re matching has had it.”

So if you are single and ready to mingle, just have your paperwork handy.

Good luck out there!

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