The NFL draft is happening this week.

Kicking off Thursday and going through Saturday, the annual NFL Draft is not only the advancement of college football's finest into the big leagues with big paychecks, and not just fun for sports fans to watch, it can have a profound influence on how teams will do for years to come. This week is where the future begins.

How Will The Seattle Seahawks do in This Year's NFL Draft?

I'm a big Seahawks fan. I'm a proud 12 through and through since the late 1970s. Some years have been easier than others to actually achieve the proud part, but we manage, right? However, what I am NOT, is a sports nerd. You know them, and perhaps you are one of them, which is fine, but that's not what this article is all about. For the past few months, there has been an endless prattling on about what 'might' happen and what 'should' happen and myriad scenarios about trades and backchannel deals and wild speculation. Everyone has an opinion on what the team should do now that Russell has gone south and the Hawks need to begin to write the next chapter in their existence. All we are going to point out here are the facts.

What Picks do The Seattle Seahawks Have in the 2022 NFL Draft?

So, the facts as of today, barring any of the aforementioned backchannel deals and trades, the Seahawks have the following draft pick positions:

  • First Round Pick at #9 Overall
  • Second Round Picks at #40 and #41 Overall
  • Third Round Pick at #72 Overall
  • Fourth Round Pick at #109 Overall
  • Fifth Round Picks at #152 and #153 Overall
  • Seventh Round Pick at #209 Overall

What Will Pete Carroll and John Schneider be Looking For in The NFL Draft?

With plenty of picks and some much needed salary cap space in the wake of Russell's leaving, there are many options available to the dynamic drafting team of Pete and John. Not to sound like one of those sports nerds, but I'll bet there will be at least one current star member of the team that will be traded for a 1st or 2nd round pick and a couple of traded players. Just a hunch. Go Hawks!

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