Consider this next time you head out to dine. Because, this is awesome.

A major restaurant chain famous for it's delcious orange chicken, is donating over $36,000 of protective masks, to Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital in Yakima.

Panda Express has just donated 10,560 KN95 protective masks to the frontline medical professionals in an attempt to help slow the spread of COVID. This is good timing as Yakima has recently seen a small spike in COVID cases in Yakima County.

Eddie Bauer

This was  dontion was managed through the Memorial Foundation.

Major props to Panda Express for supporting and protecting our Frontline Medical Professionals in Yakima and Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital! They appreciate it as much as we do! 

Townsquare Media / John Riggs
Virginia Mason Memorial Hospitals COVID Tent Temporary Entrance

Panda Express has two locations in Yakima and one in Ellensburg. Visit early and often.

If you don't like thier orange chicken. We cannot be friends.


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