Just an hour and a half up Interstate 90 on Snoqualmie Pass, there is a pizza place. If you blink, you'll miss it, and if you didn't know it was there, you would drive right by it.

Housed in a convenience store at the East Summit is a restaurant called Pie for the People, home of a 21-inch pizza. Which may not sound all that big, but considering a Papa Murphy's family-sized pizza is 16 inches, this fully loaded pie is one for the books!

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Like I said, if you didn't know this place was inside Lee's Summit you would walk right by it. The only sign out front is the couple-of-feet-tall slice of pizza that displays their name. We knew what we were looking for and we almost drove right past it!

townsquare Media/ Cheyenne

When you walk in, you are immediately thrown off by smelling the pizza but not seeing where it is coming from. You have to walk around a display and coolers just to see the counter. If you are a bit of a germaphobe and thrown off by picnic tables to sit at, just put that aside and take a seat -- it's worth it.

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We chose to get our personal favorite, a Hawaiian, which was a solid choice. The Canadian bacon was thick cut so the whole pizza tasted of tomato sauce and ham with sweet hints of pineapple. The crust was toasted to perfection and had the right amount of crunch on the bottom, but soft on the top!

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Even our youngest, Easton, was a BIG fan of it!

Townsquare Media/ Cheyenne