A friend of mine outside in Houston was telling me this funny story that, if he hadn't shown me the email, I wouldn't have believed him. He said they messed up his order of over $60 worth of food, not to mention it was an hour late, and after telling management he was displeased with the service Pizza Hut replied with a coupon for a free ranch with any order of wings.

I repeat; a free ranch with any paid order of wings.

I'm not one to complain when service doesn't go my way. I just politely excuse myself from the situation and vow to never go there ever again. When this guy's party plans failed he decided that it wasn't okay and let them know in hopes it wouldn't happen to others.

Now, in Pizza Hut's defence, they could have apologized and left it at that. They didn't have to refund or award him anything. People chimed in on the Facebook post saying they have been awarded a free pizza on their next visit to make it up or something on those lines. That's not a bad deal. I'm a huge fan of Pizza Hut so I would have appreciated the kind gift.

However, when the gift is a free ranch, they may as well have just not responded at all.

An extra ranch is about 50 cents. If the email had to pay for postage it wouldn't even be worth the shipping.

Should Pizza Hut step it up in his case or is Pizza Hut just fine as they didn't have to do anything about it at all? Tell us in the comments.

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