You can mess with Chris Young, but don't ever take advantage of his fans! One Instagram user learned the hard way that Young is not one to let his fans be fooled by people posing as him, asking for money.

On Monday (Aug. 14), Young shared a screenshot of a message he sent to one of many fake accounts pretending they're him on social media. In the conversation, the person was asking for money as a 'donation' to a foundation. Young had harsh words for the impostor and let him know how he really felt.

"Hi you gigantic douche canoe!" Young says in his response. "It's Chris Young! From someone else phone who you're trying to scam. Please stop being a GIGANTIC DRAIN ON SOCIETY. And just know, we're flagging this account as spam. Cheers."

He told fans just how frustrated he gets when people pose as him, saying, "Just so you guys know I REALLY hate the fake accounts 😂😂😂 #bye I know I should've said "else's" typing too fast."

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It's not clear if the impostor responded. When he's not going after fake social media accounts, Young is putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming album, which is due out later this year.

“I’m actually finishing up vocals right now on the back half of the record. The record’s pretty much done,” he shares (via the Boot). Young co-produced the album with frequent collaborator and producer Corey Crowder and he says the project will be a slight shift from his previous one.

“‘Losing Sleep’ is obviously the first single. It’s kind of different; if you look at the production style, what me and Corey did in the studio, it’s a little bit different from the last project," he says. "But there’s a wide variety of sounds and songs on this record."

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