Reba McEntire sings of a woman scorned on her new song, "Storm in a Shot Glass."

McEntire gives a powerful vocal performance on the new track, which finds its protagonist getting over a man who's scorned her by letting loose — perhaps just a litte bit too loose.

"Here come the lightning flashes / Here come the thunder crashes / Here come the tears like falling rain / And it ain't gonna blow through fast / Gonna be hours before it's past / Wouldn't sit there and I sure wouldn't ask / Better step back / That's a storm in a shot glass," she sings in the chorus.

"Storm in a Shot Glass" pairs McEntire's signature country voice with hard-charging guitars and fiddle swoops to create a track that's edgy, but still keeps to her promise that her upcoming album, Stronger Than the Truth, leans heavily on classic country influences.

It's the fifth song she's shared from her upcoming album, Stronger Than the Truth. Fans have also heard the title track, a swing-infused track titled "No U in Oklahoma," the somber "In His Mind" and a gut-wrenching heartbreak ballad, "Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain." Stronger Than the Truth drops on April 5.

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