It's almost summertime in the Yakima Valley and we are definitely starting to feel it as far as the weather goes. Well, at least we were for a couple of weeks there. Remember when the temperatures skyrocketed up to over 100 degrees? Those harsh couple of days killed my budding baby sunflower plants! (I know, I'm in shock, too!)

I was even planning on taking my car through the car wash today but I'm so glad I didn't; we got a couple of random showers today. I guess I should start keeping up with the weather report but I don't have to when it comes to the rain. Usually, whenever I wash my car it will literally rain within the next day afterwards. I also have this freakish sense of smelling the rain at least a day or two before it happens. (Maybe that is my super power and I'm one of the X-Men mutants?)

People who visit the Yakima Valley from the West side are used to the rain and overcast cloudy days but we sure as heck certainly are not. The Yakima Herald reports that we've been getting most of the local tourism action from Portland and Seattle as of late. Medical workers, Tesla drivers, and vacationing ne'er do wells make up the bulk of Yakima Valley visitors since the pandemic. Now that it's summertime and that school is out for the summer, we can expect things to get even more hairy about town with more out-of-towners.

They're coming for our sunshine, sports activities, wineries, beer, and electric vehicle charging stations, apparently! That's funny, I live here in the Valley and all I wanna do is visit Seattle and Portland!

Spring Fair Food Fest 2021

Spring Fair Food Fest 2021

Spring Fair Food Fest 2021 Vendors:
  1. BBQ Turkey Legs
  2. Candy Castle
  3. Daniel's Taco Cart
  4. Elephant Ears
  5. Fire Roasted Corn
  6. Funnel Cakes
  7. Gabby's Churros
  8. Hawaiian Teriyaki
  9. Pioneer Popcorn
  10. Southern Oregon

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