A 29-year-old Yakima man is being held in the Yakima County jail after being arrested in a road rage incident Wednesday. Bail was set at $25,000 on a charge of first degree assault. Authorities say the man called 911 at about 2:15 am Wednesday saying an SUV had crashed into his vehicle and fled in the area of 16th Avenue and Nob Hill Blvd.
He told dispatchers he was following the vehicle despite being told by authorities to stop the chase.

An officer attempted to stop the vehicles on Yakima Avenue

An officer spotted the two vehicles on East Yakima Avenue but they refused to stop for the officer. The two vehicles were eventually found in the parking lot of Walmart on East Chestnut.  The SUV driver told police after the crash he stopped but the other driver pointed a gun at him so he fled the area. At the Walmart the SUV driver told police the 29-year-old suspect threatened to shoot him before police arrived.
An article in Today's Yakima Herald Republic says the suspect fired a shot at the SUV driver. No injuries were reported as police continue the investigation today.

Road rage incidents are rarely reported but when they are they're serious

While many minor road rage incidents are never reported there are more serious clashes between drivers like an incident that happened in April of last year in Yakima.
Police arrested a man after a road rage incident on Highway 12. Washington State Patrol Troopers say a man reported he was the victim of a drive by shooting when he was driving north on north 16th avenue. The man says an SUV cut him off then the driver pulled a gun and fired shots. Troopers were able to identify the suspect vehicle from nearby security cameras and a partial license plate number from the victim driver.
The driver was arrested days later.

Police say dial 911 if you're ever threatened while driving

Police say the best way to avoid road rage is to be polite, slow down, get away from aggressive drivers, don't make rude gestures or yell at other drivers and call 9-1-1 if  you're under attack.

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