Samantha Fish, a Missouri-raised singer-songwriter and guitarist, is preparing to release a new album, and she's giving The Boot's readers a first listen to its title track. Press play below to hear "Belle of the West."

"Belle of the West" was written by Fish and Jimbo Mathus -- who also plays on the record of the same name -- and recorded at Zebra Ranch Studios and the North Hills of Mississippi. Luther Dickinson produced the project, and played on it as well. Fish's music has a blues-y bent, but her sound appeals to Americana and alt-country fans as well.

"I really focused on the songwriting and the vocals and the melodies and the emotion, and on bringing another dimension to what I do. I wasn't interested in shredding on guitar, although we did end up doing a few heavier things," Fish says of Belle of the West, her fifth studio album. "I love the Mississippi style of the blues; there's something very soulful and very real about that style of music, so this was a chance to immerse myself in that. It's definitely a song record and an emotional record."

In addition to Dickinson and Mathus, Fish worked with some of North Mississippi's top musicians on her new album. The artists who played on the project also include Lightning Malcom, Lillie Mae, Amy Levere, TK Jackson, Sharde Thomas and Trina Raimey.

Part of a musical family, Fish started out playing drums, but switched to the guitar at the age of 15. In 2009, she began her recording career with the self-released Live Bait. Her 2015 album Wild Heart was also produced by Dickinson; in 2013, she was invited to jam onstage with Buddy Guy and make a guest appearance on Devon Allman's Turquoise album.

Fish's Belle of the West is due out on Nov. 3. It is available for pre-order via Amazon.

Listen to Samantha Fish, "Belle of the West":

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