Here we go again -- another crazy scam. This one's from the Benton County Sheriff's Department. It seems these phone scammers want your money and your DNA.

Here are the details from the Benton County Sheriff's Department Facebook Page:

An unknown individual is calling Benton County community members pretending to be a Benton County Deputy. The suspect tells the victim there is a $25,000 warrant for their arrest because they have not provided a DNA sample to the Sheriff’s Office. The suspect tells the victim to pay 10% of the bail money in cash. The suspect identifies himself as Detective Sellers or Deputy Turner at (509) 890-0997.

Please know that this or any version similar to this story is a scam. Members of law enforcement will not call and request anyone to pay for any kind of warrant or fee over the phone. If you believe the phone call is a scam do not give out any of your personal information and hang up.

Don't be fooled by these phone scammers! If you're in doubt, call the authorities!


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