Scotty McCreery and his wife, Gabi Dugal, bicker about everyday things, just like most couples. That includes back-and-forth over the correct way to do laundry and how the toilet paper roll should face.

That's how the country singer put it backstage at the 2019 CMA Awards last week when asked by Taste of Country Nights what he's learned since getting married. The pair wed the previous year in North Carolina, and a Tahitian honeymoon followed the ceremony before the two settled into their new home.

Asked what couples' knowledge he's gained since that time, the musician confessed to two newfound ways of doing things — one he's succumbing to — but the other he just can't let go.

"I've learned that I don't do laundry the right way," McCreery says. "Apparently, I don't fold clothes the right way — I'm learning, though. I've done laundry my whole life, but now [I'm] learning a different way."

He continues with the other point of contention among the couple that he learned when they first wed. "Or the toilet paper," McCreery says. "I think she was used it going under. But it's got to go over. It just makes sense."

Not too long ago, the musician delivered some inspirational words about his relationship with Dugal, and he also gave some love advice to new couples. The artist's current single "In Between" navigates finding the balance between the desire for wild partying and living a more quiet life.

But for fans awaiting new music from McCreery, fear not. The singer offered an update on the situation that promises the long wait between his last two albums won't be something that gets repeated.

"We're going to head back in the studio in a few weeks, in December," McCreery reveals. "I'm excited. We have a lot of songs we've been writing that I'm excited about. Between See You Tonight and the Seasons Change record, it took five years to get, like, real new music out there. So I am not doing that again. We'll have it ready to go to this time."

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