Every where I turn there is something that screams 'Sea-Hawks!' If it is a car or a truck or even houses between Tri-Cities & Yakima, Seahawks are all around. In fact, I might have to argue that the Seahawks have better fans than the voted number one fans in the country, The Green Bay Packers. I am sure a Packers fans would not agree but, the truth is out there. I am on Eagles fan. I am pretty sure that Eagles fans are the meanest!But, the most devoted will probably be the Seattle Seahawks fans across the nation. Living in the great state of Washington, however, you can't go 1 block without seeing something that is Seahawks.

But, I have never seen a Seattle Seahawks cart. Have you? They put some time into this and truly are one of the bigger Seahawks fans!

TSM/Kelly West