There is just something about watching videos of cute animals doing funny things that puts everybody in a great mood.

Instagram knows this and they are coming for your heartstrings with this video of a puppy named Jamie having lots of fun on a trampoline. As of the time of this writing, the video has nearly 12 million views on Instagram. It doesn't even matter to the puppy that the trampoline is visibly broken, Jamie finds it perfect enough to jump on.

Jamie the Bull Terrier even has her own Instagram account, @hurricanejamie_, and her human describes him thusly, "Seattle - 1/23/15 - Neurotic".

Jamie has over 15 thousand Instagram followers. She has been known to steal construction cones, eat corn "kern", fetch "fragile" mail packages, and tear up wading pools with her teeth because he thinks "summer ending is bull****".

This famous Seattle puppy sure seems like a whole lot of fun!

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