An interesting survey here. When asked, should Liquor stores be deemed an essential business, the results found were dead even -

42% of people say yes liquor stores are essential - 42% say no.   

Keep in mind, those between 25 and 44 (you know, those who are most likely to have children?), lean heavily toward "essential." That actually makes sense. Yes, our children driving us to drink – but we LOVE them, right?  

Minnesota Government Shutdown Enter Its Second Week
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The argument for deeming liquor stores essential is an interesting one. In this uncharted territory of COVID-19, we have never been shut down and staying home for months at a time as a country. To deal with this close quarters ethos, stress and frustration, we drink. Is that a good thing? What’s the alternative? 

We encourage you to partake responsibly as liquor stores are enjoying big business right now. But does it make sense for liquor stores to be open as essential business? 

The argument for keeping them open? It helps those with alcohol use disorder, avoid withdrawal symptoms, including tremors, hallucinations and seizures.  

Not the best argument there. 

Plus, kids. 24/7 - yeah, that’ll do it.  

Tax On Beer Considered To Help Pay For Health Care
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On the other hand, Churches are deemed “non-essential”, but provide a vital service. Yet they are all closed. Does that make sense? 

What business needs to be essential, but is not? 

Leave a comment, we would love to know where you land on this!



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