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Sold In Yakima, Is This The Winning Mega Millions Ticket?
Is this the winning Mega Millions Ticket worth an estimated $625,000,000? Well, I sure hope so, but as I write this, we're a little over an hour from the drawing which is slated for 8:00 PM Pacific Time. This jackpot is definitely considered BIG, although, the record was set back in 2018 when t…
Searching For Yakima's Most Memorable Teachers
Our teachers are among the most admired, most respected, most loved professionals in the world today. I believe this has never been more true than right now, with the additional challenge the pandemic has provided, and teachers have stepped-up to become bigger heroes than ever. Yet, wouldn't yo…
How You Say You're From Washington Without Saying It!
Social media can be used for all kinds of disturbing things. People can be incited to riot, spread lies and innuendo, mislead and besmirch, degrade and defame. Side note, I'm glad I got to use besmirch in a sentence. Thankfully, though, social media can also bring people together.
Revealing Yakima's Best Cars To Pass The Driver's Test
A question was posed to me a few days ago and surprisingly, I had to stop and think about the answer. My memory is usually sharp, but, the question was: what was the car you drove to pass your driving test? Hmmm, I thought. I certainly remember my first car, but, I had to really reflect and think ab…

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