It's time for another round of food recalls and this one hits home as I love snacks and cereal. The Catalina company, Catalina Snacks, has issued a recall on 7 items due to foreign materials, one being metal.

No, you won't find Metallica as your free prize inside your cereal. Like, metal metal.


There are seven products in the world of snacks and cereal that, if you happen to have on your shelf, in your pantry, on top of your fridge or you're just lazy and still have them on the floor of your kitchen because you never bothered to put your groceries away, here are some foods to look out for and return if you find them.

Catalina Crunch - Fruit Flavor
1.27 oz. (UPC 850017468214) and 8oz. (UPC 850017468085)
Best By Date 8/1/2023

Catalina Crunch - Chocolate Peanut Butter
9oz (UPC 850017468184)
Best By Date 8/1/2023, Best By Date 8/8/2023.

Catalina Crunch - Honey Graham
9oz (UPC 860479001553)
Best By Date 7/25/2023

Catalina Crunch - Maple Flavored
9oz (UPC 860479001539)
Best By Date 7/25/2023, Best By Date 8/15/2023.

Catalina Crunch Cheddar Crunch
6oz (UPC 850017468160)
Best By Date 2/15/2023, Best By Date 2/22/2023

Catalina Crunch Creamy Ranch
6oz (UPC 850017468160)
Best By Date 2/15/2023

Catalina Crunch Spicy Kick
6oz (UPC 850017468153)
Best By Date 2/22/2023

The good people of Food Safety News brought us this information. If you happen to have any of those 7 products please return them or simply throw them away. Nothing is worth your health risk. Not even delicious, delicious cereal and snacks. I promise.

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