Tuesday night the Yakima City Council approved a new snow plan that will ramp up our efforts to clear heavy snowfall quickly. We changed the entire system to better respond to the needs of our community. This change comes in part because of your input and complaints during the snowfall this past February.

The plan will most likely cost a little more money, due in part to the fact we will dispatch our crews at 3 inches of snowfall instead of 6. The city also plans to ask residents on certain streets, including downtown, to not park on the side of the road during a snow event. This will allow the plows to clear the main arterial roads and downtown streets much more efficiently. You can read the entire plan here.

At the same time the city is working on the main roads, we will call in private contractors to work on residential streets that would normally have to wait under the old plan. Changes can happen, but most of the time you don't even hear about them because it's not front-page news. Thank you to the respectful and vocal citizens who expect a thorough and quality job from their local government.

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