Ain't that something'?

You're just trying to get along in life with buying cars and such and, yet, your credit score isn't where it should be.

Those with great credit scores have more options for larger purchases and better loan abilities.

Finance website WalletHub listed the cities with the largest credit score increases and Spokane made the Top 10 cities in all cities in the United States.

Source: WalletHub

Spokane is the only city in the Top 10 from Washington State.
Spokane coming in at #7. Not bad.

The top spot belonged to Scottsdale, AZ.
Washington DC of all places was in 2nd.

Seattle does show up on the list, but not until #51.

I always love to look for our friends in Oregon as well as Portland makes the list at #22 for cities with largest credit score increase. Not great but not bad.

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John Kiernan, editor at Wallet Hub says the easiest way to build a good credit score is to make on-time payments every month on your credit card. If you can, aim to use less than %30 and pay off in full every month.

He goes on to say that simply having a credit card that you don't use can help, too, but using it and paying it off is the quickest way.

Wallet Hub has other tips for keeping your credit score where it should be. Having a great credit score can definitely help in the long run.

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