Update: This has been shut-down due to overcrowding. Please follow-along on St. Vincent's Facebook for updates

Woke-up this morning knowing that when you open the fridge there will be no milk, no eggs or bread, no meat, and feeling like there are no options?

St. Vincent De Paul has heard your frustrations and wants you to swing on over to their spot because from 9 am-noon or until supplies run out, they've got the goods.

St. Vincent food bank is tomorrow (11-6) from 9-noon. We are at 2629 Rudkin rd across from the highway patrol office. We have butter, milk, produce box, grapes, asparagus, grilled chicken patty’s, frozen taco meat, potatoes and our box with bread sweets and canned goods. While supplies last.

If this is your first time grabbing a box it's always a good idea to arrive early. I mean I understand if you didn't hear about it until 11 am but be prepared to wait and also to be turned away if they run out of supplies. Bring your id and help spread the word to others you know are in need.

If you know of other food distribution spots, please don't hesitate to let us know via message

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Based on what's in your box sounds like you can make a few different feasts like taco night, chicken burgers with asparagus on the side plus canned goods as well. Along with butter and Milk, you can get fancy and add sliced bananas to your cereal and enjoy grapes for a snack.

St. Vincent Food Distribution

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