It's no secret that Disney tends to be pretty tight-lipped about upcoming projects. That's why a clandestine Star Wars writer’s room makes sense. According to The Hollywood Reporter, several writers were brought together after the recent Star Wars Celebration to begin work on a mysterious new project. Aside from Andor and the unnamed movie that Taika Waititi has been working on, there really hasn’t been much buzz in the Star Wars world lately.

For a while, there was a new Star Wars film every year. Eventually, that output slowed down significantly, as Lucasfilm turned its focus to streaming shows on Disney+. Sensing that people might be ready for some new Star Wars films, a team assembled and met in the shadows. That team was headed up by Damon Lindelof, who’s most famous for shows like LostThe Leftovers, and HBO’s Watchmen series.

Aside from Lindelof himself, a few other people are rumored to be working on this upcoming project. Perhaps one of the most intriguing characters involved is Justin Britt-Gibson, an upcoming talent who's worked on some pretty high-profile shows. He was an executive story editor on The Strain and worked on Counterpart.

Per THR, other people at the table during the two-week run of secret Star Wars meetings were Patrick Somerville, Rayna McClendon, Andy Greenwald, and perhaps even a few other writers. As of now, it appears that the upcoming film is going to avoid starting a trilogy, and instead will be a standalone movie. Additionally, the movie may feature some characters from the most recent trilogy in varying capacities.

According to Disney’s upcoming release calendar, there are currently two unnamed Star Wars films slated for release in the coming years. One of them is due for release in December 2025, while the other is slated for December 2027. This is mere conjecture, but it would make a lot of sense if one of them was Taika Waititi’s, while the other is Lindelof’s new feature.

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