In this age of keeping your chin up and positive reinforcement, I'm sad to know that Washington State didn't even make the top 20 happiest states. Being sad about it makes me part of the problem.

According to WalletHub, The happiest state is the US is Hawaii. I'd agree to that. I've been to Hawaii and they're a happy group of people. Utah, Minnesota, California and New Jersey round out the top 5.

New Jersey? Really?

Well, the list is made from mental and physical health, work environment and community involvement. That's probably why Utah is so high on the list. They're always looking out for each other.

Washington isn't the worst. It came in 21st place.

If you're curious, West Virginia is the most unhappy.

Washington did come in first place for highest sports participation rate. Not bad! Washington also came in 4th for highest income growth.

Source: WalletHub

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