A proposed surf park near Moxee is closer to becoming a reality after the Yakima County Hearing Examiner issued an official approval of the project on Monday. Northwest Surf Parks is hoping to build a 24-acre surf park on a 39.5-acre piece of property located just north of Moxee.

The decision was issued with a long list of conditions

The examiner issued the decision with a long list of conditions including requirements for road systems in the area, numerous permits and other conditions. The decision is final but can be appealed in Yakima County Superior Court. There's a 21-day appeal period. If there's no appeal the project would be able to move forward with construction.

The plans are extensive and include a restaurant and lodging units

The future home of a $30 million surf park would include a 5.5 surf pool, a surfing school and fitness center. Plans also call for skate and dog parks, beach volleyball and fire pits plus RV and campsites. A restaurant and 23 lodging units are also in the plans. It's an exciting plan for some but some neighbors near the proposed site, near the intersection of Norman Road and Reed Lane say they're against the project because of a lack of water and roads that are built for the kind of traffic expected at the park.

While some are against the project it could make a big impact on the valley

There's no official word if the project will be appealed but it's possible since some people are against the proposal because of the impact it would have on the area.
In the decision by the Hearing Examiner the project would create numerous jobs and could generate some $1.5 million in revenue every year.

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