The Swon Brothers are spending the winter and spring opening for Carrie Underwood on her Storyteller Tour, which means they have a backstage — and beneath the stage — vantage point.

That's right, there's whole lot of activity under Underwood's transforming cake-like stage that Zach Swon compares to a spaceship from Star Wars. "Under the stage, there's like a city of people working and doing all kinds of different things," Colton Swon says.

"I don't want to give too much away if you haven't seen the show, but it is unreal. The production is unreal."

Zach is amazed by the sheer number of people working on the tour, which runs through May. The duo get to utilize some of the stage machinery. They rise out of the stage at one point, which means walking through a maze of tunnels to get to the elevator. Things didn't go well opening night.

"First night of the tour, busted my head wide open on the stage underneath," Zach shares. "Right before we sang."

Colton recalls his older brother being woozy, asking him if he was bleeding. He took a "show must go on" approach and said "No!"

"Luckily we made it through the song without blood coming down my face, but when we got back to the dressing room, I put my hand back there and it was like ... it was nasty."

Easton Corbin is also opening the Storyteller Tour. The Swons are performing songs from their debut album and their new Timeless EP on the road. The six-song collection is filled with soulful, sexy songs that the brothers admit are very personal.

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