It's Book Lovers Day -- Curl Up With a Special Friend
I love reading the synopses on the backs of books. Thumbing through the pages as the smell of freshly printed paper tickles my nose.
A book -- in printed form -- is a rare thing today. Call me a dinosaur, just like the printed page, but I love seeing how far I've read and how much book I have le…
Author Chris Crutcher Will Speak At The Seasons
There is nothing like reading a book. I love movies and the internet, but when it comes to engaging your imagination, only books will do the trick. It's extra exciting to actually meet the authors of great books -- and Yakima Valley Libraries are giving us one more chance before summer to do ju…
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I couldn't believe it when Christine Sims called me from the Yakima Valley Library Foundation and told me that The Foundation was selling books for 50 cents this weekend.
I'm a huge book fan and I like finding good books at a discounted rate. If you are like me, then you need to check out t…
Improve Your Mornings With 'The Miracle Morning'
So probably just like you, I'm really not a morning person. Just not wanting to wake up and greet the day. But I'm also into self-improvement. And I wanted to work on getting up in the morning. And this book, Hal Elrod's "The Miracle Morning," has really helped me.

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