Eastern Washington to Get First Cereal Cafe – Spoon Cereal Bar
In some of the bigger cities, they're few and far between, but such a thing exists as a cereal bar or cereal cafe. It's a place where you can enjoy a bowl of cereal -- seriously! I've personally been to the Kellogg's Cafe in New York as well as one in Rochester, NY and loved them both. Los Angeles h…
Dunkin’ has a New Cereal that has Caffeine in it
Breakfast cereal is that all-american go-to quick fix. Kids might eat it for breakfast but I know plenty of grown-ups who use cereal as an afternoon or late-night snack as well. If you need a quick pick-me-up, Dunkin has you covered with two new breakfast cereals that even had a hint of caffeine in …
The Magic is Gone
Burger King is offering a Lucky Charms shake. This should be the greatest news of all time, but no leprechaun would ever allow such a monstrosity to visit your taste buds.
Best breakfast drink ever
I am a huge fan of breakfast cereal. After the cereal was finished, not to waste the milk, I'd just gulp down whatever was left in the bowl. Of course, this is why chocolaty cereal was great because it would turn the milk chocolate. We already had chocolate milk and now, if you don't wanna…

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