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It's Quirky Country Music Song Title Day -- What I Found
It's Quirky Country Music Song Title Day and sometimes that 'ol stereotype of country music comes home to roost. There is some truth in the stereotype as country songs' subject matter has been across the spectrum from funny to sad from novel to depressing.
I don't think any other genre of music can l…
Fair Act Announcement
929 The Bull will be announcing the first of several acts that are coming to the Central Washington State Fair this year this coming Wednesday.
We got you covered!
It's not every week that we get a Grammy-nominated artist here in Yakima, but next week is one of those weeks.
Country's Ty Herndon performs next Thursday (Nov. 3) at the Seasons Performance Hall, and starting Friday morning (Oct. 28), 92.9 The Bull will be giving away 10 pairs of tickets to the &quo…
Put it in a song
If your life had a theme song, which country song would it be? We all have different stories and experiences, and some country songs just fit our life. For example, Rik's theme song would be "All my Exes Live in Washington, California, and Texas...

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