Out on The Porch
Bike Nights at The Porch was amazing! It was an excellent ride to Ellensburg through the canyon! Lots of wind in the face Tuesday, but it was well worth the ride.
Two more to go before the summer's out!
Let's ride the canyon!
Bike Nights is planning a road trip to Ellensburg this week! KSU, (kickstands up) at 5:30 Tuesday and arrive at The Porch, 608 N. Main St., at 6 p.m.! This should be one fantastic ride -- it's always fun to ride through the Yakima River Canyon on a motorcycle!
Sittin' out on the porch
You know those nights where the sun hits at just the right angle and makes everything look like gold? You'd swear you were within half a day's ride of heaven.
Well that's how it was Tuesday when Bike Nights took a road trip to The Porch in Ellensburg...
Ride the wind
If you like the wind in your face, you'll love Yakima Bike Nights this week -- we're taking a road trip to Ellensburg!
The meet-up spot is The Porch, 608 N. Main St., and the time is the usual: 6-9 p.m. Tuesday (May 10).
And as usual, you're riding with 94...

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