Chicago Bulls Kiss Cam Fail or Setup? You Be The Judge [WATCH]
You've gotta love a kiss cam fail! SMH at this guy who missed his big chance to slap a big kiss on his girl. Instead he will be the beneficiary of another kind of fame -- the viral Internet kind. We have a feeling, though, that it might have been staged ... unless the Bulls mascot just felt lik…
Rock on ... and off
So ... you think you're having a bad day? These poor kids are in the middle of their performance when everything comes to a screeching halt ... due to one thing.
Twerking Girl Ends on Fire
Finally! A twerking video I can tolerate! To spoil the video, this girl tries twerking up against the door when her friend walks in, knocking her over. She, then, falls through the table that happens to have a candle on it, catching her on fire.
11 Diving Fails to Prep You for Summer
Memorial Day is coming up soon, which means the beginning of swimming season is quickly approaching. This also means plenty of painful belly flops, fully-clothed people falling into pools and our latest hilarious discovery, diving fails.
The Ultimate Fail Compilation Video for 2012
People love watching videos of other people failing at something, whether it be failing at life or failing at the reason they were making the video in the first place, then post the outtake. We do because it makes us feel better about ourselves. It's the same reason we watch Mtv. To ring in 201…
Best News Bloopers of 2012
One of my most favorite type of videos on YouTube are the ones of news bloopers. Ones where they're video-bombed from the background, ones where they say the wrong words, ones where they can't stop laughing - I love'em all. In case you missed any from 2012, here are the best news bloo…

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