What Have Yakima Valley Parents Done To Save A Few Dollars?
When I was growing up, my parents never really did too many things that were easy on the dollars. My brother and I always had the best of everything. I guess I was kind of a brat. But the older I have gotten, I look back on some of those things. My father never "took things in" to get fixed by someone else. He could fix anything, so he did it himself. That is one thing he did to save mon
Over the limit?
Lots of couples keep their finances strictly separate -- what they spend their own money is their own business. But where do we draw the line? When your spouse is spending money on activities you don't know about has he crossed that line...
Her fiance's finances
This week's Couples Court case involves a subject that's shipwrecked many a marriage: money. This couple isn't even married yet, but one of them is wrestling with whether to spend a tax refund on herself or her fiance, who is wrestling with debt. Here's her predicament ...