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10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Horse [PICTURES]
From dogs dressed as Darth Vaderto Elvis kitties, we can’t stop stuffing our four-legged friends into Halloween attire each October. Dog and cat costume parades are more popular than ever, and everyone from major pet supply companies like Petco to mom-and-pop Etsy dealers make a mint…
How to Make a Honey Badger Costume for Halloween
Halloween is on its way, and parties are bound to pop up. The only problem is that you don't have a costume. You could throw on a dirty old bedsheet, cut a few holes in it and tell people you're a beige ghost. Or you could actually be clever and in-tune with what's happening and hip (…
What Should the Morning Bull Pen Dress Up as for Halloween?
Halloween is two weeks away and we need to figure out what we are doing for Halloween. Costumes can be more expensive than candy but you have to admit it's pretty cool when you see a well done costume. Vote for your favorite suggestion and we will dress up as the winning trio.