Coming clean
Jack Ingram called the Morning Bull Pen to chat about the show coming up in Zillah, but also had a few other things to say from which other artists to watch out for, downloading vs. buying a physical album -- and he told us how long he went without showering once...
Moving up
She's Nashville's biggest secret right now, but after Watershed Weekend, she should be on her way to country music stardom! Clare Dunn is riding the wave of success with her song "Move On," which has been climbing the charts. I got a chance to talk with this Colorado native in the Bull Pen and hear about her musical influences and what it's like to open for some of country music's bigges
Meet our finalists
Well, we're narrowing down our choices for a young assistant to help out around the studio this summer. We've been looking for a sharp kid -- 10 or younger -- that we can count on. Rik and I interviewed Savanah, Chance and Ali (and her little brother, Noah) this week and asked some tough questions...
Why Do Women Perform Better Than Men in Job Interviews?
Jobs interviews are stressful for everyone, but a new study reveals that while women are generally more on edge before meeting with a prospective employer, their interviews went better than those of their male counterparts — mainly because the ladies coped with the stress better.