Looking for work?
I am always hearing people say that they can never find a job. Is the average Yakima person just picky on what job they want, or are there truly no jobs out there for anyone? Well , I am here to tell you that jobs are there are.
Meet our finalists
Well, we're narrowing down our choices for a young assistant to help out around the studio this summer. We've been looking for a sharp kid -- 10 or younger -- that we can count on. Rik and I interviewed Savanah, Chance and Ali (and her little brother, Noah) this week and asked some tough questions...
Summer job? Apply here
We're looking to add some youthfulness to our staff -- say 10 or younger. So, kids, if you're in that age range, submit your application for a summer job with the Morning Bull Pen. Everything counts, including knowing your numbers. We are looking for a sharp kid to come in this summer and earn some money...
Want More Paid Time Off Work? Move to France!
Do you ever feel like you are overworked and underpaid?  Well, if you live in the United States, you probably are getting shafted when it comes to vacation days and paid holidays - at least, compared to the rest of the world.
Things to Mix Up Your Daily Routine
Do you feel like you are stuck in the same boring routine day after day? It might be time for you to mix it up a little. Here are a few ideas to freshen up your day and they are not hard to incorporate into your week at different times.

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