labor day

Favorite Meats on the Grill…Do You Agree?
Labor Day over the years has grown into more than just a day off.  The "workingmen's holiday" traditionally brings parades, store sales, and of course, the ever-popular barbecue!  Often, it's a great day for friends snd family to get together to enjoy food and f…
Labor Day deals
Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. According to WalletHub these are the items you'll save the most money on:
1. Kenmore Built-In Dishwasher – 46.15% off
2. Samsung Smart TV 55’’ - 50% off
Kitchen's closing soon
Labor Day marks the end of barbecue season. Well, kind of! I barbecue all winter long. I do not care if there is snow on the ground! But, for get-togethers that are warm, this is about the last chance of the season. So, for these auspicious occasions I have some excellent recipes for you.

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