Suitcase Found In Storage Unit In Yakima Is Weird
The Yakima Herald-Republic recently reported that 86-year-old Paul McCulloh had found a mysterious suitcase in the storage unit he had rented for years. The suitcase wasn't his, but it contained a treasure trove of a family's memories -- photos, ashes of a pet dog, books and other mementos.
The Heral…
Yard Sales In Yakima This Weekend Rocked!
Summer is coming to an end. It makes me sad because, I love the warm weather and I love yard sales! Every time I turned a corner on Saturday, August 13th, there was a yard sale! I came upon some fantastic deals but, one yard sale caught my eye. I wasn't just one yard sale, it was the entir…
10 Things I Would Do If I Won Any Lottery – Some Good Advice
There is always a lottery going on and as of January 9th the Power-ball jackpot has soared to the record high for any lottery. 1.3 Billion dollars. I don't think I have ever even thought that high as far as that kind of money is concerned. I have a list of things that I would  do before an…
Checks and balances [POLL]
The three things couples typically fight over are time, sex and money. We want to talk about the latter. What's that song? "It's all about the money, money, money." We all need money to live, we know that two incomes are better than one, but the larger question is how do …
Super Sam On The Air [VIDEO]
You can help kids just like Sam by donating here. The goal is $5,000 by the end of May. Click here to help!
Watch Same make his on-air debut here at The Bull!

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