All Five Seasons of The Muppet Show are Now on Disney+
It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights. It's time to download Disney+ to watch The Muppet Show tonight.
The Muppet Show was a classic variety show that would feature sketches, comedy skits, songs and a lot more usually involving that week's special guest who wo…
The Muppet Mashup
I stumbled across this idea, thanks to Reesha at 107.3 KFFM next door. She had posted a picture of a Muppet that looked like "The Maddhouse's" Nahum Ray.
That got my mind thinking ... (I know: Scary thought!)
I decided to match up members of our Townsquare Media family -- 92.9 The Bull, 94.5…
Sesame Street Workshop Responds About Bert and Ernie!
I think its funny on what people who are on Social Networks waste their time with. This is my view point about what has been a hot topic about the Bert and Ernie Petitions. "They are not gay, they are not straight, they are puppets…Jim Henson once said "puppets do not exist below the waist…