Get home by midnight?
What parent hasn't been there? Waiting up half the night, anxiously wondering where their teenager is and why she hasn't called. Praying she's OK ... but ready to wring her neck the minute she slinks in the back door.
You probably stayed out late a time or two yourself, right? Did you have a curfew? …
Should he fight back?
It's one of the most painful moments a parent has to endure -- comforting a child who's just been bullied for the first time.
Whether you're a mom or a dad, you ache for your youngster. And then, you're apt to use it as a teaching moment.
But to teach what? How to make peace with your playmates? Or pe…
Kids On A Leash… Bad Parenting?
I was walking through Walmart the other day and saw Mother with 3 kids... and one of the kids was on a leash.  The leash was attached to a harness that the child was wearing.  Now I'm a new Dad, so something like this might be normal?  It just struck me as odd I'm assuming b…

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