Count off by twos ...
It's that time of year again  -- teens at high schools across the country are thinking about who'll accompany them to prom. Given the looming fear of rejection, asking someone to prom can be a BIG deal.
Killer prom invitations
My son Benjamin has been dating his girlfriend, Hailey, for over a year now and it's so cute how he still makes an effort to ask her to go to their high school dances. Prom is May 9 at Naches Valley High School. This time around Benjamin put together a "CSI" scavenger hunt complete with a chalk-lined sidewalk victim and a flower pot murder weapon...
In our prime
I was having dinner on Saturday with the family at Gasperetti's and the table across from us was full of high school seniors from Sunnyside. The group was dressed to the nines and that can mean only one thing: senior prom.
Prom Season is in Full Swing Around the Yakima Valley
For the past three weekends Yakima area Schools have been holding Prom's around the Valley. You remember your prom, saving all your money to take your girl out to dinner. Her parents most likely spent upwards of $200 to get her the dress she wants.