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Washington State Ranked One of the Best for Road Trips
Going on a road trip? Looks like we're in one of the most perfect places for it!
Source: WalletHub
The only states greater than our for road trips, according to WalletHub, is Oregon and Utah.
I feel sorry for states like Mississippi, Rhode Island and Connecticut as those places are the worst...
Trip pix!
Seven states -- Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington -- and over 2,000 miles traveled in one week. With a few "resting" stops thrown in -- Las Vegas and Disneyland.
Why? It was a moving adventure. My bestie was moving from Prosper, Texas, back home t…
Are we there yet?
Cefus and I are road tripping to see Eric Church in Seattle at KeyArena tonight. Now ... I've hit the road with Cefus before, but never alone.
What things should I bring to survive this Cefus road trip?
Movies that inspires that feeling of “ROAD TRIP”!
Every once in a while, we heed the call of the wild and hit the paved ribbon of roads that might finds us on the famed Route 66 or Highway 101 or even standing on the corner of Winslow, Arizona. Such A fine sight to see...(you finish the rest of the lyrics)...