Couples Court: Does Watching TV Count as Quality Time?
Communication and harmony are generally considered keys to a strong marriage. But sometimes, work or end-of-the-day exhaustion can put a damper on a once-sizzling relationship.
It gets easier to watch other people's lives on TV than to face your own.
That's what might be going on with this w…
Reba McEntire to Star in New TV Series, ‘Malibu Country’
Reba McEntire struck sitcom gold with her first series, the sensibly titled ‘Reba,’ which ran on the WB and CW networks from 2001-2007. She’s concentrated on her music career since ‘Reba’ left the air, releasing a trio of bestselling albums — including her most recent effort, 2010′s ‘All the Women I…
10 Awesome TV Remote Controls for Father’s Day
Is there any home accessory more fought-over than the remote control? TV-loving dads have long had to establish that they are masters of their domain by commandeering the clicker from the kids.
But why should fathers settle for a remote that just changes the channels when they can have one that also …

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