Save Money On Gas!
Memorial Day travel is upon us and if you are hitting the road this three-day weekend, take a look at these gas prices around the state so you'll know where to fill up cheaply!
What's Your Ideal Work Schedule? [POLL]
When I first had my child, my bosses were all pretty amazing. They let me take care of my daughter and still get my job done. It worked. That was then. Some bosses that I have had over the last 10 years probably wouldn't do the same thing. Luckily my child is 28 now, but anyway ...
Are Yakima Valley People Too Busy To Take A Vacation? [POLL]
I cannot wait to take a vacation. I try to plan for one every year. It seems, though, that when I do plan well, it never works out. There is always something going on. The question is if the rest of Yakima Valley are in the same boat? I am on a salary, so I don't continue to work when I should …
Does Yakima Valley Need Longer Vacations? [POLL]
When I first started in the work force, I didn't take a sick day or a vacation for almost three years. I was bound and determined to get ahead in this life. Then I got sick and had to take off five days. When I got back, they said I had three days left for the entire year. What the heck? Three years…

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